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Introduction to Redis data structure

Five data structures provided by

structure type
Structure stored values
Ability to read and write structures
Can be strings, integers or floating points
Performs operations on one part of an entire string or string; performs an auto increment or decrement operation on integers and floating points
A linked list, each node on the list contains a string
Push or eject elements from both ends of the list; prune the list by offset (trim); read delays or multiple elements; find or delete elements based on values
An unordered collector containing strings, and each string contained is unique
Add, access, remove a single element; check whether an element exists in the collection; calculation of intersection, union, difference set; from which a collection of random elements
Unordered Hash list containing key value pairs
Adds, gets, removes a single key key pair, and gets all key pairs
The ordered mapping between the string member and the floating-point number, and the order of the elements is determined by the magnitude of the score
Add, retrieve, remove a single element; obtain elements based on points, ranges, or members