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What is kotlin?

what is Kotlin


Kotlin, as previously mentioned, it is developed based on JetBrains JVM language because.JetBrains has created a powerful Java development IDE known as.Android Studio, the official Android IDE, is based on the Intellij, as a platform for the


Kotlin is the use of Java developers thinking is created, Intellij as its main development IDE. for Android developers, there are two interesting features:

For Java developers, Kotlin is very intuitive, and very easy to learn. Most of the content of language is all we know is very similar in different places, it is based on the concept to grasp it quickly.
It is with our daily life without using the IDE configuration can be fully integrated.Android Studio can perfectly understand, compile and run Kotlin code. But the language support is developed from the IDE company itself, so we Android developers is a citizen.

but this is just the integration between development languages and development tools. Compared to what is the advantage of Java 7

in the end?
It is easy to show: This is one of the most important advantages. You can write less code.
It is safer: Kotlin is safe, that is to say in our compile time will handle the various null, avoid the runtime exception. If an object is null, we need to specify it explicitly, then before using it to check whether it is null., you can save a lot of debugging a null pointer abnormal time, get rid of null caused by bug.
It is a function of the Kotlin is based on the object-oriented language. But like many other modern languages, it uses the concept of many functional programming for example, use lambda expressions to easily solve the problem. The processing characteristics of a great Collections.
It can extend the function: it means that we can extend the class of more features, even we do not have access to the codes in this class
It is highly interoperability: you can continue to use all of your Java code and library, because between two language interoperability is perfect. Even in a project using Kotlin and Java two mixed language programming.