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NetEase campus recruitment Java interview experience

before cast Ali, but lack of actual combat experience, the algorithm ability is not outstanding enough, interview when there is nothing to say brush. This time was informed of the telephone interview, so went to the scene.

this is my first time to go through all the technical aspects of the wheel, the back of the HR experience, so it makes sense to me, so I want to write down.

The telephone before

first talk about it, I just received a phone call when the plane landed at the Pudong airport, so tell the interviewer about the morning of the second day, the morning of the second day the telephone rang on time. Unlike Ali electricity surface as the NetEase will have a longer foreplay, then Ali electricity surface I talked a lot with me graduate students in learning what research what technical problems began, the direct after a few words of self introduction began to ask questions, the entire process is around 22 minutes on the end of the.

the electrical surface has been a bit long. It may be a bit hard to remember. The process probably involves these:

about collections, with what, I said a lot, mentioned Map, asked the difference between HashMap and hashtable, and then pulled the logical thread safety issues, why HashMap is not safe, because the source method in JDK no synchronized key word, so in addition to what method the synchronized keyword, it is locked, so that several lock (later specifically to check, I forgot there are some atomic, atomic operations to achieve thread safety, and the use of wait and notify in the circulation, and I didn't know before Java four pipe), and later mentioned synchronized lock lock method lock object and so on. These problems should be considered more common interview thing, ask.


and then asked a thing I didn't know at that time, ThreadLocal, but luckily he didn't care about this thing, JDK1.2 had it. He came back and made up for himself..

then asked the network, asked RMI and RPC, what layer is socket, and so on,.

and then probably asked several linux commands, such as how to view the process, how to do the screening and then show that the class of some text, should be top and grep with regular expressions, this I'm going to have the time to look at, and later asked some don't command I know some some don't know. Because with less water, may be over.

then asked a database problem, with what I said, postgreSQL, mysql, Mongo and so on, then there is no suspense, ask mysql, ask the lock (table lock row level lock like this), and then asked the index data structure, B tree, B+ tree is like a little long. Things, fortunately also remember. Then he asked a question (I do not know what places how to optimize, but do not remember), should be related to the MySQL execution engine, also record going to catch up with.

like this, I won't ask a question, there are several references in Java, my mind is a strong reference weak reference, but I don't remember what is called a strong reference for weak references, or recognize counsels said not too clear, check the back there four: strong references, soft references, weak references and phantom reference (phantom). To check the details of his.

there may be one or two questions I don't remember, the feeling is the game at the time, or later received through notice, a little bit of luck, they may lack of people this year compared to.

two when the girlfriend from Shanghai to Hangzhou to accompany me to the interview, I have been encouraged to have the feeling of pressure. At the time that the most embarrassing is that I come in for a moment came out, very ashamed, but also do not want to let her wait too long (or results in the janitor's room waiting for me for a whole afternoon, a little touched and guilt).

two face first interviewer is very cold, it is no what expression, speaking about self introduction, began to resume to ask questions, because I am now in safe practice, as a framework, so ask what is this framework, I do what I took. He gave a pen and paper, because when I came to peace, often around the ideas and design ideas of his time and design framework of realization method of CAI boss explained, so I also have a feeling of writing and drawing I can recite fluently from memory, written three pages to design frame and implementation of some of the details. (this is a domain oriented modeling framework, a message driven detail also is not to say). Then he asked me a few inside said he did not understand the problem, and then ask me, because now the big companies have more than one data center, how to ensure the distribution Of course, data consistency and so on, of course, this framework must be taken into account, there is no pressure,.

this framework is talked for 20 minutes, then feel that when the interviewer told me the impression should be good, and then asked me a few questions of MySQL database, MySQL was asked if he was rotten, asked the question I don't side, ask the result fortunately relatively simple, ask to lock what is good for.

then I gave him the idea of Amway EventSourcing database. I don't know what he thinks about.

then turn over your resume, I asked the master during the project. experiment and research that is secret channel communication in Hongkong with a senior school laboratory to do this thing, I was looking for the teacher felt very likely on the Internet or find everything fresh and new, although the field engineers also may not be able to use, but fresh things tend to stimulate people's curiosity and curiosity, I give the interviewer introduces the implement method of covert channel after he seems to quickly understand, and feel very interesting look, then I take the initiative to say a lot of implementation details, he did not get to the bottom. (of course here to thank my brother I teach a lot of high-tech method)

here he asked if he had asked him, and then he said, "you go out and wait for the next round." then, with a sigh of relief,.

waited for more than ten minutes, went in and changed an interviewer, and the style was quite different from the first one. The interviewer felt twice as fast as he spoke. He turned over his resume and began to ask questions,.

The first question is:

java to talk about how to achieve serialization, I think that I would say what kind of handwritten implementation, JSON scanning and reflecting what out of order, and then he said you think too much, I just want to ask you what I said to achieve interface, Serializable interface, and then ask what is the use of ah like serialization don't know why. From the beginning of his every word with a smile, seemed to lighten up..


behind the order of questions do not remember clearly, but I remember asking this set, ask the difference between ArrayList and linkedList, is the difference between the array and the list, query and insertion time what is the difference between the complexity, this is too simple. Also asked map, later asked treemap I was not sure I can't remember the details, I don't know. (in fact, red black tree, but the tree I don't know or don't zhuangbility, balance the two fork tree rotation too difficult to remember).

then asked the database transaction (ACID), explained the concept, then asked the data structure of the index, and then it seemed that every interest continued to ask.

then said to do two things, heart thumped, at that time the Japanese company WAP on the site when it was to do a brush, not so good as I've done.


fortunately, the first problem is to find a large number of the first K in a large number, and do not have to write code to write the process, ideas and calculations to compare the exact time complexity can be. Water over the first question.

Second, 10G data, 1G memory, sort of. I say the patch data, then brain short circuited, not clear, later said that if the data in each replicate using the bitmap method, this is brother taught me, he said, all right, there is a problem of.

third questions, with two stacks to achieve a queue.. ha ha ha. I smiled, and then made it, and later found that you can also optimize, but the realization of the good.

then done, he said yes, and then asked me about the various comparisons of bubbles, quick rows and heap sorting, time, space, complexity, stability, specific implementations, and so on. Fortunately, I remember.

and then there seems to be no problem. Wait for the HR notification,.

later in general, the NetEase interview is based the difficulty is not high, but now feel do not ask frame, before Ali asked all interview framework. May every year there is a little difference between.

always feel that something is lacking, such as various web containers, and the underlying database architecture, some advanced knowledge of concurrency, including algorithms and data structures, and of course IO and network and so on, are prepared to buy some books to catch up with the weak knowledge, then can not relax to write code.

I don't know if I can get the offer and let me return. Wait until the school season. How many offer.

will you receive?

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