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Eeyes summary

Action bar

The main purpose of Action bar is:

1. provides a dedicated space for identifying application identifiers and user locations.

2. provides consistent navigation and visual experience between different applications,.

3. highlights Activity critical operations such as search, create, share, and provide quick access to the.
in predictable ways

reference: http://blog.csdn.net/xyz_lmn/article/details/8132420

android KitKat has a new feature that sets the background of the phone's status bar and keeps the style of the phone's entire interface consistent. It looks very refreshing,.

GitHub on a project can be achieved from the ActionBar color gradient to the boundary effect of project address: https://github.com/jgilfelt/SystemBarTint


SystemBarTintManager, mTintManager=, new, SystemBarTintManager (this);

mTintManager.setStatusBarTintEnabled (true);

mTintManager.setNavigationBarTintEnabled (true);

MTintManager.setTintColor (getResources ().GetColor (R.color.primary_color));

The, latest, updates, to, the, Android, V7, AppCompat, Library, revision, Support, integrating, Google, s,, Material, Design,, has, never, been, easier.AppCompatActivity.

sliding toolbar disappears


Animation menu button


drawer menu display and layout to control through the android:layout_gravity attributes, optional value is left, right or start, end. layout by XML, to DrawerLayout as the parent group, the interface layout as its first child, followed by the drawer layout as the second nodes, so you do has the content display area and drawer menu area independent, only two were non locale content to.

mDrawerLayout.openDrawer (Gravity.LEFT);

mDrawerLayout.setDrawerListener (New
DrawerLayout.DrawerListener () {

The horizontal line between the

ViewPager slides along with the sliding of the screen



1) the ViewPager class inherits the ViewGroup class directly, and all of which is a container class where you can add other view classes,.

2) the ViewPager class needs a PagerAdapter adapter class to provide data.

3) ViewPager is often used with Fragment, and provides specialized FragmentPagerAdapter and FragmentStatePagerAdapter classes for ViewPager in Fragment, using.

The use of , you also need to use the two component class is PagerTitleStrip class and PagerTabStrip class, PagerTitleStrip class directly inherited from the ViewGroup class, PagerTabStrip class and PagerTitleStrip class inheritance, so the two class is a container class. But one thing to note in the definition of XML layout. The two class must be ViewPager tag labels, or be wrong.

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