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The Spring configuration file XML error: XML Referenced file contains erro file error

opened my SSH project today, and suddenly Spring's XML configuration file reported error:

Referenced, file, contains, errors (http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans/spring-beans-4.1.xsd). For, more, information, right, click, on, the, message,, in, the, Problems, and, View
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in eclipse, click on the menu bar project - >clean for a while, Baidu's clean, what is the role of reference to other people's blog summarized as follows:

because the eclipse compiler is the judgment mechanism based on time stamp. So when you press the build all eclipse that some time stamp did not change the class will not be compiled. So you can start clean again. This time the eclipse compiler will compile all the previous information clear and compile. Eclipse >project - >clean... The option deletes the.Class file in the project and compiles the project at the same time, similar to the rebuild

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