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20 tall on the Linux command

Reprinted [Cheny] (http://blog.csdn.net/apache0554/article/details/45850749) blog

1. to root on a

command execution account


2. by Python to build a simple Web server, the http://$HOSTNAME:8000 access

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

The 3. switch to the last access directory

cd -

4. the last command in the foo replacement for bar, and the implementation of

5. traceroute + Ping

mtr google.com

6. fast call an editor to write a command

ctrl-x e

7. to execute a command, but not to save

in the command history


8. re initialization of



9. call the parameter used in the last command


10. to more clearly display the current

file system mount system

mount column -t

11. execute the command

at a given time

echo LS -l" at midnight

12. through the DNS query Wikipedia


dig +short TXT .wp.dg.cx

13. open the tunnel

from the 80 port to your local 2001 port

ssh -N -L2001:localhost:80 somemachine

14. quick access to ASCII table

man ascii

15. get your external IP address

curl ifconfig.me

16.!! said the repeated execution of a command, and use gs/foo/bar to replace the


!!: gs/foo/bar/

Your microphone to the speaker output 17.

remote machine

dd if=/dev/dsp SSH -c arcfour -C username@host DD | of=/dev/dsp

18. mount a temporary memory partition

mount, -t, TMPFS, TMPFS, /mnt, -o, size=1024m

19. SSH way to mount the directory / file system

sshfs name@server:/path/to/folder /path/to/mount/point

20. update curl through Twitter

curl, -u, user:pass, -d, status=, Tweeting, from, the, shell, http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml