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MySQL 5.6 windows installation

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Compressed package installation

Mysql-5.6.31-winx64.zip download from the official website, to unpack, next installation is to install the MySQL database through the
(1) mysql-5.6.31-winx64.zip extract E:JavaWebDeveloper file, open a command prompt to run as administrator, CD E:JavaWebDevelopermysql-5.6.31-winx64bin

Command: CD /d E:JavaWebDevelopermysql-5.6.31-winx64bin

How to install MySQL MySQL two installation

(2) the installation of MySQL

Mysqld install, run the command MySQL after successful installation of
How to install MySQL MySQL two installation

(3) to start the MySQL service
Net start MySQL will start the MySQL service. It is worth noting that the command to install MySQL default service name in Windows system for MySQL
, the default password is empty.
How to install MySQL MySQL two installation

(4) the configuration environment variable

1) new MYSQL_HOME variables, and the allocation of value is: E:JavaWebDevelopermysql-5.6.31-winx64


2) the path system variable, add%MYSQL_HOME%bin to the path variable. Configuration of the path environment variable, or not the new MYSQL_HOME variable, but directly to the MySQL installation directory under the bin configuration to the path variable,


How to install MySQL MySQL two installation

How to install MySQL MySQL two installation

(5) in MySQL

MySQL -u root -p, the default password is empty. Display "mysql>" into MySQL, use the T-SQL statement to the database to perform various operations. Also available graphical database management tools for database

How to install MySQL MySQL two installation

graphical database management tool

Navicat for mysql10.0.11 and SQLyog.Ultimate.v11.1.1.0 32bit&64bit, the two management tools have their own advantages, can be downloaded from the Internet to.

registration service:

D:MySQL Server 5.1bin>mysqld - install MySQL

Enter, you'll be prompted to create success, open service can find the newly created mysql51 service


2. service:

D:MySQL Server 5.1bin>mysqld - remove mysql