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HTML study notes <6>[CSS]

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Text style setting

: text indentation can be implemented using the text-indent property, which can be values of pixels and percentage.

note: the value can be negative to achieve the effect of dangling indentation.

II: text line alignment can be implemented using the text-align property. The corresponding property values are as follows:

left: left aligned right: right aligned
Center: Center

justify: in the text aligned at both ends, the left and right ends of the line of text are placed on the inner border of the parent element. Then, the spacing between words and letters is adjusted so that the lines are exactly the same length as.

: interval settings can be implemented through two attributes,

i.word-spacing: this property implements the word interval, with the attribute value being a pixel value of.

ii.letter=spacing: this property implements the letter interval, with the property value of the pixel value.

: the letter case conversion can be implemented through the text-transform property. The default value of this attribute is none, that is, no processing is done. Other attribute values are as follows:

uppercase: all uppercase lowercase: all lowercase
Capitalize: capitalize the initial

of each word

: text decorations can be implemented through the text-decoration property. The general element defaults to none, and the link text defaults to underline.

none: no frills underline: underline
Overline: line line-through: line

blink: make text flashing

: the line of space, source files, tab characters can be realized through the white-space property. The corresponding attribute values are listed in the following table:

2. font settings


property is shown in the following table:

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3. link style settings

Four states of the


A:link - common, unexpected links,

A:visited - the user has access to the link

A:hover - the mouse pointer is located above the link

A:active - the moment the link is clicked.

note 1:
When you set styles for different states of the link, follow the following order:

A:hover must be located after a:link and a:visited,

A:active must be after a:hover,

note 2: specific style settings with text style settings.