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HTML study notes <7>[CSS]

1. list style setting


CSS list property is shown in table


HTML <7>[CSS] src=


list-style-image attribute value is similar to the tag, slightly.


list-style-type property value is as follows:

HTML <7>[CSS] src=

2. CSS frame model

specifies how the element box handles elements content, margins, borders, and outer distance.

element: Elements
Padding: inner margin border: Border
Margin: outer margin

: the margin is set

can use padding-top/right/bottom/left four attributes, respectively, set the right, left, left, four inner margin specific value, the attribute value can be a percentage
Can also be.

for specific pixel values

note: the margin value must not be a negative value.

2: setting the outer margin

with inner margin. Note: the outside distance is a negative value.

: border settings

borders, styles, colors, widths, and other properties settings, ibid.,.

3. CSS positioning


CSS alignment property follows the table:

HTML <7>[CSS] src=

: by using the position attribute, but setting four different attribute values, this affects the generation of the element box.

static: the element box is normally generated. Block level elements generate a rectangular box. As part of the document flow, inline elements create one or more
A row box is placed in its parent element,.

relative: the element box offsets a distance. The element still maintains its shape before positioning. It still occupies.

of the original space

absolute: the element box is completely removed from the document stream and positioned.

relative to its containing block

fixed: the element box behaves similarly to setting position to absolute, but its containing block is the window itself,.

II: the top/right/bottom/left attribute value sets the same frame model, slightly.

: the overflow attribute value is as follows:

HTML <7>[CSS] src=