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  1. Your, production, database, it, functional, the, SHOST1, host., on, You, are, backing,, up, the, production,

    Database, by, using, Recovery, Manager (RMAN), with, the, recovery, catalog., You, want,, to, replicate, the,

    Production, database, to, anther, host, SHOST2, for, testing, new, applications.,

    After, you, ensured, that, the, of, the, target, database, are, accessible, on, the, new, host, what, must, backups, you,

    Do, to, restore, and, recover, the, backup, for, the, test, environment,
  2. ?

A.Restoring, the, control, file, from, the, by, using, the, NOCATALOG, backup, option, to, restore, and, recovering,

The data files

B.Restoring, the, data, files, by, the, NOCATALOG, option, and, using, using, the, SET,, NEWNAME, command, to,

Change the location

C.Restoring, the, server, parameter, file, from, the, backup, by, using, the, recovery, catalog, to, restore, and,

Recovering, the, data, files,

D.Restoring, the, data, files, from, the, by, using, the, recovery, catalog, to, recover, the, files, backup, and, using,

The, SWITCH, command, to, change, the, location.,



your production database, which functions on the shost1 host. You are supporting production of

You'll want to copy
by using the recovery manager database (RMAN) and the recovery directory
The production database goes to another host, shost2, and tests the new application.

After you make sure that the backup of the target database is accessible on the new host, you must

Do you want to restore and restore the backup of the test environment?

A uses the nocatalog option to restore the recovered control file from the backup and recover the data file

A correct, B error is that the subject requires what must you do, and if the directory structure is the same, you don't need set newname

For, each, data, file, on, destination, host, that, is, restored, to, a, different, path, than,, it, had, on, the, the, source, host,

Use, a, SET, NEWNAME, command, specify, the, new, path, on, the, destination, host., to, If, the,, file, systems,
, on
The, destination, system, are, set, to, have, the, same, paths, as, the, source, host, then, do, up, not, use, SET,

NEWNAME, for, those, files, restored, the, same, to, path, as, on,, the, source, host.,

CD because of the catelog problem, you must use nocatelog to make sure that shost2 uses control file instead of catelog.