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  1. The, environmental, variable, ORACLE-BASE, is, You, want, to, set., check, the, diagnostic,, files, created, as,

    Part, of, the, Automatic, Diagnostic, Repository (ADR). View, the, Exhibit, and, note, the,, various, parameters, set,

    In your database.

What, will, be, the, location, of, the, ADR, base,
A.It, is, set, to, ORACLE-BASE.,

B.It, is, set, to, ORACLE_HOME/log.,

C.It, is, set, to, /u01/app/oracle/admin/orcl/adump.,

D.It, is, set, to, /u01/app/oracle/flash_recovery_area.,


oracle-base sets the environment variable. You want to check the diagnostic file created by

Part of the automated diagnostic knowledge base (ADR). Check the exhibits and pay attention to the various parameter settings

In your database,

since the title has already explained The, environmental, variable, ORACLE-BASE, is, set, then

According to If, environment, variable, ORACLE_BASE, set, is, DIAGNOSTIC_DEST, is, set, to, the,, directory, designated,


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