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Hockey App-Deploy test version of app(android,ios) to tester quickly and so

Hockey, App-Deploy, test, version, of, app (Android, IOS, windows), to, tester, quickly, and, solely.
What, you, can, get, after, reading, this, article.

You, can, know, mainly,, basic, knowledge, for, hockey, app, which, should, able, to,, help, you, problem.

, solve, those
1. Distribution issue

  • You, client, will, never, report, old, bugs (which, currently, fixed), again.Because, they, will, dialog, to, told, get, them, when, it, is,, a, new, the, test, download.
  • , version, for
  • No, need, to, send, test, version, to, each, tester, by, email.Because, they, can, download,, them, by, the, themselves, in, app.
  • , hackey
  • You, client, will, never, see, undesired, version, because, you, can, deploy, a, specific, version,, to, specific, user, only.

2. Report and analysis

  • Developer, can, get, a, full, report, and, suggestion, crash, when, the, app,, crash, in, tester, device.

3., Off, shore, and, local, firm, cooperation

  • No, more, building, works, source, control, system, by, local, developer.The, remote, developer, can, directly, deploy, the, current,, app, to, from, tester, fly.
  • , on, the

Pros, and, cons, of, Hockey, app

  1. Cross platform

  2. Reliable then testflight

  3. Multi version con-existence.

  4. Very user friendly


  1. Need, Money, but, it, have, one, month, trial, plan

  2. Feature not sufficient (but enough me in current usage) but, it, have, been, acquired, Microsoft, so, I, think, for, it, will,, be, better, in, future

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