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Use a custom PHP function [library]

code reuse

By using existing code repeatedly, the development efficiency is improved and the cost is reduced

Include () and require () functions [frequently asked questions]

Require () imports a file during preprocessing, such as pasting the file to the place where the function is used,.

include () is almost equivalent to require (), and differs from the.

when it is included in script execution; when the process fails, include () generates a warning, and require () causes a fatal error

include_once () and require_once () functions

two functions during the execution of the script and run the specified file. And including include () and require () statement is similar, the only difference is that if the code in the file has been included, will not only include again, including one. These two functions should be used during the execution of the script in the same a file may be included more than once the case, you want to make sure that it is only a function to avoid including redefined.
variable re assignment problem

Require ' config.php' require; / / use statement contains and execute the config.php file
If ($condition) / / using a include statement in process control
Include ' file.txt' include; / / use statement contains and execute the file.txt file
Else / condition includes the following documents
Include (' other.php'); / / include statement contains and execute the other.php file
Require (' somefile.txt' require); / / use statement contains and execute the somefile.txt file

Error_reporting (0);
Require "function.inc.php"";
If ($a== "a") include "demo.txt"";
Else include "demo2.html"";
Three (
function.inc.php); Jiangzi:

Function, one () {
Echo "1111111
Function, two () {
Echo "222222
Function, three () {
Echo "333333

The HTML there is Jiangzi:


> Jiangzi






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