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IOS learning a _Xcode early experience

today finally determined to start the whole iOS, before engaging in the GIS two development areas in the first half of the (C#), is still a rookie; although the work is not tired, but feeling hopeless, but more and more interested in small, feelings get two times the development are not counted is a decent programmer ~

before the development of iOS is interested in how iOS starting point is slightly higher, so the first job to earn some money to start with a Mac Pro, feeling modaobuwukanchaigong, first of all to the standard ~


Microsoft spent so long time let everyone know they are justified, I did not used for Mac, especially the shortcut keys; shortcut keys of the use of Windows is very familiar with, is the same for VS, but these are the familiar problems that can be resolved quickly.

in the preparation of the code above the feeling is good, just write a few lines of single view iPhone application code, in response to the incident can also drag the button makes me quite novel; because I had C# experience, so for OC code writing do not adapt, but the OOP code is the same, comparison good understanding; I have no knowledge of what the C language, so I am not going to begin to learn from C, starting directly from the OC


and I now learn is CSDN, "nofollow" href= rel= auto_start=1"? Free resources "wisdom podcast, so here thanks to free resources for their ~