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IO flow

1: Classification (flow points: read and write) (operation byte InputStream and OutputSteam and character Writer and Reader)

Two: FileWriter

Requirement: in a word: Hello, I'm here, ==>text.txt in

Three: FileReader

Requirement: reads text content to the console above,

Four: FileOutputStream (byte output stream)

Export the contents of the Java program to a text file;

Five: FileInputStream (byte input stream)

Export text file contents to the console above,

Six: BufferedWriter (write data) newLine ()

Seven: BufferedReader (read data) readLine ()

Eight: input output stream: System.out; System.in;

Nine: conversion stream:

InputStreamReader (BufferedReader) = > readLine (
Requirements: keyboard to text file


Requirements: text file to console display

Ten: print stream

PrintStream and PrintWriter (write data only and do not read data)

Eleven: serialization stream and anti serialization stream

Serialization: ObjectOutputStream and ObjectInputStream

Twelve: Properties attribute set

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