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Some matters needing attention in installation of windows10 and fedora23 dual system

in the installation of dual systems windows10 and fedora encountered a lot of problems in the process, the blogger is also slowly groping, the final inexplicable successful installation of dual system.

of course, thanks to the blogger's wit, remember some of the details in the middle, so there are some general considerations, hoping to help the later installation, and now sum up.

we are installing the steps while indicating the necessary considerations to facilitate your installation:

1, download and install windows10 (or any other version of windows that you like),


  1. remember, remember, remember to install windows! Something important to say three times when installing
  2. windows remember to leave around 40GB to install Fedora, of course, the specific size can make their own adjustments, but not less than the best
  3. to stay about 40GB can be divided into many areas in time the installation of the windows, but without formatting, cannot allocate them, after installing windows10 in the "computer management" inside me redistribution of these disks, or simply let go of them, we installed Fedora in the
of their distribution

2, install fedora23


    If you use
  1. disk boot disk case, it is best to use powerios, because ultraios seems to be making a startup disk
  2. if there are some problems directly from the U disk boot into a black interface directly after the enter is good, if you use the UEFI guide, select third to enter the graphical interface, then you can choose to install the system the right to the hard disk
  3. language like account here is not to say, the main process of the system partition. We choose our partition, and then enter the partition interface. Then we can use about 40G just unallocated disk to the system partition. The new is here a very important and you must be assigned to the /boot/efi about 100MiB of memory, mounted on Windows EFI, otherwise you will not be able to boot the windows system, although your Windows system is finished Well, there is. Then allocate a few G swap partitions, and the others are assigned according to the actual situation, but the root directory must be assigned, oh, that's the directory.

3, restart the computer at this point, enter the BIOS, you can see two systems can boot boot, of course, you can also use some tools on the network to make their own grub function,.Good, luck,