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Xcode7 dylib for TBD

Turn from: http://blog.csdn.net/smking/article/details/48969517

There is no .dylib Library in Xcode7 Link Binary With Libraries. Only the corresponding .tbd can be found, but it can not be used instead. After searching the data, we can get the following two solutions:.

Method 1. (Heqin test is feasible) Link Binary With Libraries in project Target manually add

First click on "+"

Display search add pages, here if the search before libsqlite3.dylib is not found out before ios9. So need to click the Add Other file directory page, normal here to go through Finder also find old libsqlite3.dylib files, because the file is hidden away. So need to open finder,
Shortcut key CMD+Shift+G (Go to the folder), enter /usr/lib, enter the hidden interface, and then add the *.dylib you need, such as libsqlite3.dylib files..

Method 2 (not yet tested).Build Phases configuration

Project Build Settings Other Linker - > ->Linking - > Flag

The name of the dylib required to add -l< >

For example: libsqlite3.dylib - > -lsqlite3

Why use the TBD file instead of an explanation of the dylib file.



So, it, appears, the,.Dylib, file, is, the, library, of, binary, code, that, actual, your, project, is, using,, and, is, that, located, /usr/lib/, in, the
Directory on the user's device. The.Tbd file on the, other hand, is just a text file that is included in your project and serves as a link to the required.Dylib binary. Since this text file is much smaller than the binary library, it makes your app's Download
Size smaller.


tbd file, similar to the link to the dylib file, makes app smaller.