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The development of Android Mac

1.Mac OS X configuration environment variable

for average users, we usually recommend modifying ~/.bash_profile to set environment variables, which are user level settings that are valid only for the current user.

operation steps:

1, open Terminal (terminal)

2, enter: sudo, VIM,.Bash_profile

3, set PATH:export PATH=$PATH:/Users/username/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/

5, the modification takes effect immediately: source ~/.bash_profile

6 to see the value of the environment variable: echo $PATH

note: 1, there is a dot ~/.bash_profile in

2, if you add new environment variables or modify the values of environment variables, you need source to take effect immediately,.

3, if you want to delete an environment variable, you must enter exit to logout the current shell, and then reopen a new shell, and the login can take effect,.

2. Android studio http:// tools.android.com/download/studio/canary

3. installs plug-ins db_idea, Android, butterknife, zelezny, Parcelable, gsonformat, and other

4. learning the basic command of Gradle

The gradle version
is configured under the
grade-wrapper.properties folder
View the downloaded version of
cradle under the folder

gradle commonly used command:

./gradlew assembleRelease generates the release version

./gradlew build build project

5.mac under the development of software recommended

Version:subversion management tool

SourceTree:git management tool

Dash: document management tool

Sublime: text editor

Mou: markdown text editor

Sketch:APP design

Zeplin:Sketch design export annotation

Postman: interface debugging, Chrome plug-in,