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Oracle users frequently locked, reason investigation and resolution

Problem Description:

project team colleagues said that for the most recent time, Oracle" users were frequently locked, causing applications and clients not to log in to operate the database.

phenomenon tracking:

, by looking at the listening log listener.log, finds many access records from the application server, accompanied by warning messages, as follows:


05-AUG-2015 03:49:57 * (CONNECT_DATA= (SID=ORCL) (CID= (PROGRAM=JDBC, Thin, Client) (HOST=__jdbc__) (USER=weblogic))) * (ADDRESS= (PROTOCOL=tcp) (HOST= () (PORT=15143)) * establish * ORCL * 0

05-AUG-2015 03:50:02 * (CONNECT_DATA= (SID=ORCL) (CID= (PROGRAM=JDBC, Thin, Client) (HOST=__jdbc__) (USER=weblogic))) * (ADDRESS= (PROTOCOL=tcp) (HOST= () (PORT=15146)) * establish * ORCL * 0

05-AUG-2015 03:50:04 * Ping * 0

WARNING:, Subscription, for, node, down, event, still, pending

service_update * orcl * 0



tail, -f, listener.log , view Oracle, database, , listening log,

Select *, from, dba_propties, , view login failure, password expiration time, parameter setting,

Alter, user, dbuser, account, unlock, , user unlock

was originally should be the requirements of the safety department to conduct safety inspections of the database, the database password complexity does not meet the safety requirements, so Oracle users have changed my password. And the application system using Weblogic server deployment, configuration of Weblogic data source does not change the database password, database default limit login failed 10 times, so when the business layer of a large number of requests access to the database failures over power, which leads to frequent users locked.

follow up note:

when the database user password changes, should promptly check the application system database connection parameters, DBlink is updated, to avoid the password failed to login, causing the user to be locked.