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IOS device installation, App list information acquisition


know how to get a list of the installation of a iOS device on the App App, but limited access to information, now get other information on how to obtain a iOS device with a App to illustrate the specific access methods are as follows:

, Class, LSApplicationWorkspace_class = objc_getClass (, LSApplicationWorkspace, );
NSObject* workspace = [LSApplicationWorkspace_class, performSelector:@selector (defaultWorkspace)];
NSLog (@ , [workspace "apps:% @" performSelector:@selector (allApplications)]);
App list of // device installations
NSArray *appList = [workspace, performSelector:@selector (allApplications)];
Class LSApplicationProxy_class = object_getClass (@, LSApplicationProxy, );
for (LSApplicationProxy_class, in, appList)
//, here's a look at some information,
NSString *bundleID = [LSApplicationProxy_class, performSelector:@selector (applicationIdentifier)];
NSString *version = [LSApplicationProxy_class, performSelector:@selector (bundleVersion)];
NSString *shortVersionString = [LSApplicationProxy_class, performSelector:@selector (shortVersionString)];
NSLog (@, bundleID:%@n, version:%@n, shortVersionString:%@n, , bundleID, version, shortVersionString);

above to get some information, other information can get.

reference links: https://searchcode.com/codesearch/view/15673930/