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Ten you must know the Python Library

Python is elegant, and using these libraries can make your code more concise and persistent. Welcome to add and make suggestions,

Docopt. abandons optparse and argparse, using docstrings to build elegant, readable, and complex (if you need) command line interfaces, the best library created in.IMO*2013
Requests, or HTTP, used by humans, is a much more pythonic way of handling HTTP requests, much better than urllib2. It can be seen through the word-of-mouth that he has downloaded more than 5000000 times on PyPI:
Lxml is a combination of libxml2 and libxslt. Lxml is the best choice if you're dealing with XML or HTML
Bottle is a quick, simple, lightweight WSGI mini web framework that can build small sites and APIs. within seconds. All frameworks have only one py file, and you can even put them in any directory
SH is a mature Python sub process interface tool that allows you to run any program like running a function
Structlog is an advanced logging processor. He integrates a number of existing logging tools, including the Python library. You can create a common recorder, you want to increase the content, make your log with persistence and readability.
Watchdog is a cross platform Python library and shell tool that can monitor file system events. It's super easy to use and easy to use
Delorean allows you to a very convenient way to deal with the date and time. Setting the time zone to intercept seconds, hours, or even the use of specific steps from one date to another date. Browsing the document, there are many examples.


PEW., I found this project a month ago, and I've been in love with.PEW, a tool for managing multiple virtual environments, running perfectly on bash, Zsh, fish, and PowerShell. Go ahead and try it
Antigravity. runs a Python shell (version >=2.7), and then enters import antigravity.