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Installing plug-ins in Ubuntu brackets

ubuntu brackets installation plug-in, there is a friend in need of reference.

has two kinds of installation, a drag is.Zip format compression package to install the small box left pluginmanager corner, one is installed directly from URL. But it seems because by the wall, second methods are basically not successful.

so, let's introduce the first approach:

, for example, to install the Emmet plug-in, enter the following command:

git clone https://github.com/emmetio/brackets-emmet

, at this point we can see a lot of things under the emmet/ folder,.

and then wrap this folder into a zip file:

zip, -r, emmet.zip, emmet/

, then drag it into the small box in the bottom left corner of the plug-in manager, then restart brackets, and then you can use

The method on

's official website is:

downloaded this warehouse from the GIT command, moved to the appropriate directory, and then ran RPM install, which I did not succeed in using this method, so I used the above method, decisive success.