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Mac, intellj, IDE, Tomcat, catalina.sh, error=13, Permission, denied, and error =1 Ope

mac, intellj, IDE, Tomcat, catalina.sh, error=13, Permission, denied and error =1 Ope, there is a friend in need of reference.

just bought MacBook Pro,

As a development environment,.

build spring+springmvc+mybatis environment.

uses Tomcat as container.

Tomcat download the official website, there will be no record of.

appears when

Run, catalina.sh, error=13, Permission, denied,

Look, there is no execution authority. The default permission is 644

chmod a+x catalina.sh

I want to set up new files, have executive permissions, check data,

Linux under

The directory initial permissions are 777

The initial permissions of the file are 666

modify umask, then get new directory or file permissions


learned about the umask setup method, it was found that it was impossible to give.

permission to enforce the new file

so, to execute the.Sh file, you have to manually modify it. If you need batch changes, you can write scripts to solve.

well, I think start is OK again. I didn't expect error =1 Operation not permitted


, it's been a long time since goolgle found out why.

Originally, MAC os/x system has an extended permission attribute @, I don't understand what use. Only know to kill it, just

Xattr, -d, com.apple.quarantine, startup.sh,

Xattr -d com.apple.quarantine catalina.sh

to the Tomcat directory of bin, execute the above two commands,.

xattr can kill @ property.

okay, go back again. Everything, OK

visible, build the development environment is a painful thing,


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